About us

My name is Michael Wilson, DVM and I am the owner operator of Wilson Veterinary Services, Inc.  Our company subcontracts veterinarians for relief work within the Chicagoland area.   

Our veterinarians have come from various hospital models such as: corporate, private, humane organizations and have become accustomed to each of them and their unique needs.  These experiences have allowed each of them to advance their knowledge and skills within the profession.


As an organization we believe in client education through good communication and practicing high quality medicine.  We are willing to embrace different therapies for treating various illnesses and willing to discuss a few of our own with you if desired.  Our team has proficient surgical skills and are willing to perform surgeries that adhere to your hospital’s protocols.  Surgeries we can perform are routine spay/neuters, mass removals, gastrotomies, cystotomies, foreign bodies, lateral ear canal resections, limb amputations, cruciate repairs, splenectomies and surgical dental extractions.  

One new service that we have acquired is Acupuncture.  Acupuncture is the insertion of needles within specific points of the body to produce a healing response.  It can be used alone or in conjunction with Western medicine to treat a wide variety of conditions in domestic pets.

Our veterinarians are members of AVMA and/or CVMA, hold licenses with DEA, USDA, State of Illinois and have liability coverage through AVMA PLIT.    A copy of the individual veterinarian's state license and personal liabilities are available upon request.